This notice explains how Innovative Physics Ltd (IPL) collect and store your personal data when you interact with the company through face to face meetings, online or email correspondence. This notice outlines the types of data the company collects and how this data is used to provide communications in terms of product launches and company news. This notice describes your rights to control the use of the data collected.


Data Protection Principles

Information is collected, used and processed about the company’s customers and interested parties (agents, distributors, and contacts). The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) state six principles in which Innovative Physics must comply to.

  1. Data collection must be lawful, fair and transparent
  2. Data collected must be for limited/ specific purpose
  3.  Data collected must not be excessive and must be necessary
  4. Data must be accurate and kept up-to date
  5. Data will not be stored for longer than necessary
  6. Data will be kept safe and secure.

Personal information is processed under these principles. The purpose in which the company process your personal information is:

  • To maintain accurate, up-to date details on customers and interested parties  
  • To comply with statutory obligations in terms of providing information relating to product and service updates and changes
  • Through consent, to keep interest parties and contacts au fait through marketing communications


Information Collected and Stored

The collection of personal information is necessary to provide you with products and services in which you are interested in. The information collected is specific and not excessive.

Should the purpose of use of your information change, the company will disclose prior to processing information in terms of the new purpose.

The collection and storing of personal data may include, but not limited to;

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Company
  • Country
  • Job Title
  • Sector
  • Phone number
  • Comments about discussions had, questions, queries and feedback


Access and Protection of Personal Information

Personal information may be shared internally within the company; when consent is given information may be used for marketing purposes or given to the company’s representatives/sales partners where the request is for sale or quote support. When information is required to be shared externally from the company, the individual(s) will be notified in advance.

The company has in place measures to protect individuals’ personal data, through internal policies, procedures and controls. Should any breach in be suspected the individuals involved will be notified. Personal information access within the company is limited to those who require the information to perform their job duties. When personal information is shared with third parties, the company requires and expects those parties to hold appropriate security measure and to treat your information confidentially in accordance with the data protection laws.

Personal information will only be retained for as long as is necessary. Marketing information will be retained for five years from the date it was collected, following the five years, the individual(s) will be asked if they would like their details retained. Information no longer retained will be securely erased. Marketing campaigns will be kept for twelve months; after twelve months the campaigns will be securely erased. Should individuals request to be removed from mailing lists, all information will be deleted apart from email addresses to ensure they are not re-added, unless resubscription by the individuals.

All personal information is contained and added to Insightly Inc. servers. More information on data security at Insightly Inc can be found on the following links:


Marketing Communications

To hold contact information, Innovative Physics use customer relationship management (CRM) software. The CRM software currently in use by the company is Insightly Inc. Marketing communications and campaigns are delivered through Microsoft Outlook or MailChimp. During marketing campaigns and communications statistics may be records noting the number of email openings, link clicks, email bounces, unsubscribes, country of email open locations and social performance. All marketing communications and campaigns subscriptions are through an opt in process; and an easy opt out option is provided should an individual change their mind.


Website Link and Third Parties

Third party products which are embedded in the company’s websites collect activity of visitors to the website. Google Analytics cannot personally identify you using the websites, but ascertain how visitors view the company’s websites.

Innovative Physics have accounts on the following social media sites, the company does not collect information from these. Privacy Policies for these sites can be found below.

Occasionally other websites may provide links to and from other websites. If these links are clicked these websites provide their own privacy policies in which Innovative Physics do not accept responsibility or liability for.


Changes to Privacy Policy

Innovative Physics reserve the right to update or amend this notice at any time. A new privacy notice will be issued when significant changes or amendments are made. You may be notified should the company process your personal data in any other way. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Innovative Physics.



You have the right to the following;

  • be informed on how the company uses your personal information
  • request access to your personal information
  • request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal information
  • request the removal of personal data
  • request the restriction of processing personal information
  • object to the processing of personal information
  • request the transfer of personal information
  • to complain



Should you wish to contact Innovative Physics about the use of your data, to withdraw consent or request a copy of the information held on you, then please contact the company at:

Innovative Physics

Landguard Manor


Isle of Wight

PO37 7JB

+44 (0)1983 865810