Landmark International Agreement Signed

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A landmark international agreement has been signed this week between leading environmental protection organisations in the UK and the People’s Republic of China in a move that signals a new era of collaboration to improve the detection and management of radiation within the nuclear power industry

For the two organisations; UK based Innovative Physics Ltd and the enterprise arm of state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC); the China Environmental Protection Company Ltd (CEPC), the agreement signals their intention to develop a long-term strategic relationship to enhance and extend their joint capabilities within the domestic and global environmental protection industry.

With China’s nuclear power business undergoing a major expansion, the safety and sustainability of the nuclear industry is of paramount importance both in China and across the globe. The two organisations believe the agreement will lead to the development and deployment of improved technologies and skills to further improve the safety of nuclear power plants in China and in other international markets

CEPC, founded by the state-owned enterprise China National Nuclear Corporation, plays an exclusive role in the development and operation of nuclear environment protection in domestic and international markets. The organisation has made significant progress in detecting, measuring and tackling radiation contamination over the years, however, it needed to find more advanced solutions to enable it to do so more comprehensively and at a greater pace.

IPL based in the UK is a world-renowned research and development company specialising in evolving technologies; sensor technology, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition to provide solutions to complex science and engineering problems. It has developed bespoke cutting-edge AI technology to detect, identify and grade radioactive material which has been used in a number of markets, including the site of one of the largest environmental catastrophes – the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant caused by the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. The advanced nature of IPL’s technological capability has made it a natural partner for CEPC as it looks to enhance and extend its own skills and capabilities and build relevant business globally.

Wu Xiujiang CEPC’s president said: “This landmark agreement signifies an exciting opportunity for us to work together to develop improved radiological solutions to ensure our nuclear power operations function with the highest level of protection for the environment. Our combined capabilities will also enable us to engage in global markets where similar solutions are being sought.”

Mike Anderson chief executive officer of Innovative Physics said: “To be able to work with one of the world’s leading nuclear corporations to jointly develop and improve our new technologies represents a huge opportunity. We are extremely excited at this collaborative arrangement coming to fruition and the prospect of working together to develop, manufacture and deploy cutting-edge technology that could provide radiological solutions for China and for other markets across the globe.”.

Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox MP, said: “Britain is a key partner for Chinese trade and investment, and is one of China’s most important trading partners in Europe.

“The announcements show the breadth and depth of our trading relationship, the success UK firms are having in China, and the huge opportunity the Chinese market holds for British companies, particularly with regards to market access.

“As an international economic department, DIT will continue to support UK businesses to increase their share in this growing market and build on our substantial export figures, as we progress towards leaving the EU.”/span>

Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely said: “It is great to see, particularly as we develop post-Brexit opportunities, companies like Innovative Physics leading the way in terms of exporting its expertise to a global audience. This agreement highlights this country’s entrepreneurial credentials and is great news for the Isle of Wight and the UK.”