Frictionless Borders Experience

“Imagine an Airport of the Future. What do you see? What don’t you see?”


This is the question we were asked when we responded to a Request for Proposal to put together an innovative demonstration for a Future Borders Experience which would feature at this year’s Transport Security Expo (2nd – 3rd December).

The concept was to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive demonstration of an airport of the future where an array of diverse technologies operate together to provide a safe, secure but as frictionless as possible experience.

SITC (Security Innovation and Technology Consortium), SIDC (Security Innovation and Demonstration Centre) and the Home Office coordinated the demonstration and brought together five organisations that each offered something different to the experience:-


Aralia Systems – Long-range, multispectral, 3D imaging system. Developed to aid in the securing of critical infrastructure, this unique camera offers advanced capabilities in assisting in the identification of concealed objects, weapons and abandoned objects.


Automatic Systems – SlimLane swing door security entrance lanes which enable high throughput with best in calls reliability while providing a minimal footprint.


Croma Security – The next stage in biometric identification is here. It’s called FASTVEIN™ – and it is now the world’s leading biometric system, offering huge benefits to organisations to whom assured identity is a critical issue. Using the latest vein identification technology, FASTVEIN™ offers ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition, and an identification standard that’s almost 35 times stronger than traditional systems. The result is a far superior biometric system – one that provides organisations with the equivalent security and accuracy of iris scanning, but at a fraction of the cost.


Digital Barriers – ThruVision from Digital Barriers is the only passive and non-invasive screening technology in the world capable of detecting concealed weapons, contraband and explosives at distances up to 15m, in real-time. This includes the detection of non-metallic items, such as liquids, plastics, ceramics and powders. The technology provides a “virtual pat down” of people without the delaying or restricting their movements and has been found to be 100% reliable in a number of trials.


Innovative Physics – iCO-DE scintillator detector continuously monitors for the presence of illicit radioactive materials in order to detect, locate and identify a threat as quickly and seamlessly as possible, without the need to stop passengers for physical searches.  Due to the variety of forms that radioactive substances take, iCO-DE produces an indication of what radioactive isotope it has detected and a suggested response.  Thus it is an intelligent sensor which not only detects, but interprets its data in order to provide command and control operatives with ‘knowledge’ in order to make an informed decision.


It was a fantastic experience that saw an impressive footfall throughout the exhibition. It was a great opportunity to showcase our products on an individual level and also demonstrate how it would operate in a real-world setting in coordination with different technologies – it offered something different than your standard exhibition booth.


Natalie Stirrup (Business Development Manager)

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20th December 2015