HSL Range

The tables below outline the specifications, features and benefits to each Hot Spot Locator (HSL) system. If you would like further information on any of the HSL range, please do contact us 



Count Based Hot Spot Locators
ImageSensorSensitivityIsotope SensitivityEnergy RangeSpectral ResolutionIsotope LibraryWeightAdvantages
HSL LiteCsI300kBq Cs137 @ 2m (5nSv/h)-50keV-1.5MeV--~6.5kgIdeal for quick detection of radiation contamination

Dose Rate Based Hot Spot Locators
HSL SpectralCsI300kBq Cs137 @ 2m (5nSv/h)-50keV-1.5MeV8%ANSI Standard N42.348kgFull Spectrum Mode and Energy Selection Mode.
HSL Spectral-SCe:GaGG2nSv/h20nSv/h (300kBq Cs137 @1.1m50keV-1.5MeV8%Pre-sets Am241,CS137,
8kgEnhanced sensitivity

Preset Spectrum Mode and Energy Selection Mode
HSL Spectral-ELaBrCl300kBq Cs137 @ 2m (5nSv/h)-50keV-1.5MeV3%ANSI Standard N42.348kgFull Spectrum Mode and Energy Selection Mode.

Improved isotope identification capabilities

Larger isotope library

Capable of identifying more isotopes in captures

Other Hot Spot Locators
HSL RuggedCsI5nSv/hr (Cs137) -> 150mSv/hr (Cs137) in lab conditions-50keV-1.5MeV8%->20kgHigh duty cycle

Ruggedized/Robust system for harsher environments
HSL CompactCsI or LaBrCl300kBq Cs137 @ 2m (5nSv/h)-50keV-1.5MeV--4.2kgExtremely Portable, lightweight instrument deployable by 1 person.




SensorSensitivitySpectral ResolutionIsotope LibraryOptional Features
CsICe:GaGGLaBrCl2nSv/h5nSv/h3%8%Pre-sets Cs137,
Co60, Am241
ANSI Standard
HSL Lite
- Automated pan and tilt

- TrueDose 2D or 3D software

- Gammarama (panoramic imaging)

-Multi-position stereography

- Multi-camera solution
HSL Spectral
HSL Spectral-S
HSL Spectral-E
HSL Rugged
HSL Compact




PortableHandheldHighly SensitiveMultiple Hot Spots DetectedInstant Start UpNo Cooling/Warm UpView IsotopesImproved Isotope IdentificationIdentify Multiple IsotopesRobust/RuggedHigh Duty Cycle
HSL Lite
HSL Spectral
HSL Secptral-S
HSL Spectral-E
HSL Rugged
HSL Compact